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Climb aboard!

We are always looking for talented, dedicated and highly motivated individuals, as our success depends on our pirate crew!

We offer exciting careers on competitive terms within a fun and friendly working environment and a great company culture.

Our amazing Berlin HQ serves as the hub at the heart of our hybrid working model, where remote work is always an option for employees all across Europe.

Our hiring guidelines

The HolidayPirates Group is dedicated to ensuring equal employment opportunities and promoting diversity and inclusion throughout our hiring process. Not only do we ensure that we don’t discriminate on the basis of any protected status, our commitment also includes:

Fair and Inclusive Recruitment: Our recruitment process is designed to eliminate bias. For this reason we appreciate applications without photos, information about marital status, or similar personal information beyond what is necessary.

A Diverse Candidate Pool: We actively seek to attract a diverse pool of talented candidates, as we believe that a broad range of perspectives and experiences enriches our team and helps us better serve our customers.

Unbiased Selection: All hiring decisions are made based on qualifications, skills, and experience relevant to the position.

Reasonable Accommodations: We provide reasonable accommodations to candidates with disabilities to ensure they have an equal opportunity to participate in our hiring process.

Training and Awareness: We educate our hiring teams to foster awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusion, ensuring a fair and equitable experience for all candidates.

We’re committed to upholding these principles and invite all qualified candidates to join us in shaping the future of travel, where talent and potential are recognized and celebrated, regardless of individual backgrounds or characteristics.

We regularly review all our employment practices and procedures so that fairness is maintained and to monitor and review this statement annually to ensure that equality and diversity are continually promoted in the workplace.

Questions? Write us an email to

Pirate Diaries

A big part of what defines a company is its employees. We truly value our Pirates’ well-being and satisfaction as staff members. We encourage our team to use their voices and bring their own opinions to the table when developing modern company values.


We are truly proud and excited to announce that we have been awarded Gold in the Pride Index – The LGBTIQ+ Diversity Performance Index!

If you want to learn more about the process and the companies that participated, please visit: