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What are the Pirate Diaries?

A big part of what defines a company is its employees. We truly value our Pirates’ well-being and satisfaction as staff members. We encourage our team to use their voices and bring their own opinions to the table when developing modern company values.

Through “Pirate Diaries” we want to introduce our crew members while discussing important topics such as remote work, work-life-balance, inclusion and diversity. Let’s meet the crew and see what a Pirate’s Life can be like!

New Work

Our pirates can work from home, the beach, or stop by the dedicated workplace. While some companies were in a rush to resume in person office attendance, we see no reason to return to the old way of doing things. We've found this to be a tremendously popular move, and in eliminating the commute, facilitating great holidays and allowing people to choose the working environment they prefer, we strike a great work life balance.

Inclusion & Diversity

Here at the HolidayPirates Group, we consider diversity a crucial part of the organizational puzzle. We know that a diverse working environment benefits from more perspectives, insights and representation. To that end, we embrace diversity as a powerful tool in our effort to build a more inclusive work-culture. We aim to welcome all our community members, and invite them to be their true selves while ensuring that each and every one of us is seen and respected. 

Mental Health

When someone breaks their leg, the conventional wisdom is to rest up and get better at your own pace. But how often are mental health issues afforded the same respect in the workplace?

Berlin: How to

Moving to a new city is a huge step - but moving to a new country altogether involves dealing with challenges you might not even consider before you arrive. It can be exhausting. So we thought we could help make this experience a little bit less intimidating: