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Sustainability at HolidayPirates Group

Our purpose is to unlock people's desire to travel and explore the world. We want to make the world accessible to everybody, regardless of their personal circumstances. To maintain a world worth exploring, HolidayPirates Group is committed to helping save our planet for future generations.

Healthy Planet = Healthy People

Taking care of our planet means taking care of ourselves and future generations. As one of the most influential travel platforms, we want to commit ourselves to:

  1. Sharing more travel deals that have a lower environmental impact

  2. Enriching our standard deal content with sustainable travel information

  3. Helping our users to make best-informed decisions by producing more informational content on responsible travel

  4. Reviewing our own business travel behaviour to prioritise non-flight modes of transportation. At the same time, compensating for all our business travel-related emissions.

The Golden Rule for Everyone

Travel, and the tourism industry in general, creates opportunities for inspirational exchanges and connects people around the world. Therefore we consider diversity, inclusivity and fairness among our main responsibilities and commit to:

  1. Supporting actions that equalise marginal groups

  2. Offering paid volunterering days so our teams can give back to the community around them

  3. Driving our business forward with a diverse and inclusive group of colleagues

  4. Providing our employees with a good and fair living income

Collaboration is key

We acknowledge that we cannot do it alone and at once, but we can engage in collaboration to make sustainability a priority in the industry. Therefore we commit to

  1. Running thoughtful office operations at our Berlin headquarters (including reducing single-use plastic, recycling, sourcing organic food/drink, using renewable energy)

  2. Prioritising working with partners who have strong environmental policies and sustainable practices

  3. Supporting a range of environmental projects and initiatives