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Inclusion and Diversity

HolidayPirates welcomes people from all walks of life. To that end, we are taking steps to ensure that the platform and workplace is set up to facilitate a culture of inclusion and diversity for all. Our ultimate purpose is to unlock people’s desire to explore the world, and along the way we want to make sure all our community members feel empowered to do so, regardless of personal attributes such as gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, physical ability and age. This commitment is reflected in our HR policy and communications.

What diversity means to us

We see diversity as a powerful piece of the organisational puzzle. Diversity is all about how we respect and appreciate the differences between people. More diversity means more ideas, perspectives and strengths upon which to draw. We’re striving to create an environment that nurtures this sense of diversity and grants access to the many benefits it brings.

Our definition of inclusivity

Inclusivity is the process by which we empower the pirate community to feel comfortable being themselves. We invite people to work with us, or use our platform, safe in the knowledge that they can voice different ideas, opinions and viewpoints in an environment where mutual respect is the driving force.


Language is a powerful mechanism that informs not only the way we think, but also how we behave and experience the world. HolidayPirates promotes the use of inclusive language to help build a community where employees, partners and users feel they have the respect and recognition they deserve. We strive to be mindful of the language we use so we can foster a modern and welcoming culture of inclusion for the betterment of both the company and the individuals who associate with it.

The Pirate Code

This is our set of rules for acceptable online behaviour and content. To keep HolidayPirates true to its mission and prevent negative behaviour from alienating our users, our team reserves the right to moderate comments and content as per the following guidelines.

  • Act in good faith
    We will always engage with our users in good faith. Your travel dreams are the benchmark for our success, so we will always act with your best interests in mind. We invite our users to do the same when they engage with each other.

  • Be polite
    Vulgar and aggressive behaviour isn’t welcome - we’re not that kind of pirate!

  • Respect privacy
    Harassment or “doxxing”, the act of sharing someone's personal details online without permission, is strictly prohibited.

  • No illegal content
    HolidayPirates won’t allow illegal content or anything that solicits/supports illegal transactions.

  • Protecting the platform
    Respect the website and don’t do anything that would interfere with how it runs. This includes content manipulation like spamming etc.

  • Don’t spread misinformation

Our Values


Through passion, expertise, and technology, we make it easy to find the best travel deals, and surprise people with hidden treasures.


To unlock people’s desire to explore the world


We love what we do.


We are naturally curious to try new things, turn imaginary ideas into a reality, and learn from them.


We motivate others and show creativity.


We stay true to who we are, what we do and who we serve.


We are a diverse group of pirates who work, laugh and play together.


We are receptive to new ideas and different opinions. We talk about our struggles and ambitions.